5 Minute Florals: Carnation Arrangement

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I’d like to share a story about carnations from my friend, Jamie.

As a child, carnations were one of the very first flowers I was introduced to. My father would bring my mother flowers every week, and as I got older I wondered where the money came from, as we weren’t well off and I knew from trips to the local grocery that flowers could cost $20, $30 or even $50 for an arrangement. I don’t know when, but somewhere along the line it occurred to me that the lovely, versatile and long lasting carnation was one of the most affordable flowers available, and that my father was a thrifty, thoughtful man.

Today’s 5 Minute Floral arrangement cost only about $15 to create, and consists of nothing more than some carnations (pink and red) and a bowl which I decorated with artificial leaves I had lying around the store.


  • 20 Pink Carnations
  • 10 Red Carnations
  • Medium sized glass bowl
  • Artificial leaves (optional)


Step 1: Attach the artificial leaves to the outside of the bowl using glue dots

Step 2: Fill the bowl with pre-mixed water and flower food

Step 3: Gather your carnations, remove any leaves from the stems and trim them to a length about the same height as the vessel you’re using.

Step 4: Choose one colour of carnations as your centre colour. Collect them one at a time, and create a tightly knit bundle that looks like the very top portion of a ball (taller in the centre). Twist the stems together (see video) and keep them tightly held.

Step 5: Begin adding your outer ring of contrasting coloured carnations, one at a time, circling the centre bunch just as tightly as before.

Step 6: Trim another inch or two from the stems, just to keep them all even, and double check for any lingering foliage to remove.

Step 7: Use an elastic to hold the bundle together tightly. Wrap it two or three times until tight, and place the arrangement inn your vessel.

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