5 Minute Florals: Christmas Arrangement

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Hi everyone, and Happy Holidays!

I know it’s early, but at Floral Buds we just love Christmas! We decorate the store and begin creating Holiday inspired arrangements right after Thanksgiving (the Canadian one, of course), because it’s a happy time of year and the possibilities and inspiration are endless.

Today’s 5 Minute Florals was inspired by the scent of the fresh cedar that just arrived earlier in the day. The smell always brings me back to my childhood and the wonderful memories I have of the Holiday season, family and of course, presents!

Our Christmas arrangement is simple to put together, and consists of just a few key items including;


Cylinder vase
A few rocks
Cedar (3-4 stems)
Ilex berries (3-4 stems)
Star of Bethlehem (5-6 stems)
Skimmia bush (2 stems)
To create this lovely arrangement only takes about 5 minutes, and here are the steps;


Step 1: As always, we begin with a clean vase to which we add water, rocks, and some ribbon

Step 2: Inspect the stems and remove any excess foliage that looks immature or unhealthy, as to avoid it falling into the water later on.

Step 3: Trim the Ilex berries (on an angel) and add 2 or 3 stems to the vase.

Step 4: Add a single stem of Skimmia bush in between the Illex berries, making sure to situate it lower than the berries.

Step 5: Place the cedar around the vase so that it sort of “falls” or “leans” over the edge of the vase.

Step 6: Now add the Star of Bethlehem throughout.

Voilà! just like that you have a wonderful Christmas arrangement that will last a couple of weeks, and that you can brag about to your friends and family!

To order these items, visit your local flower shop. If you’re in the Woodstock area I’d love to help you create one of your very own! Just pop in or contact me by phone or email

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