5 Minute Florals: Hydrangea Arrangement

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This weeks 5 Minute Florals went a little long (6:24) but includes a ton of great information about the materials we use.

Did you know: Hydrangeas, Roses and Protea all thrive in warm climates like South America

I decided to class things up a bit and focus todays arrangment around the Hydrangea because a lot of flower lovers believe that the Hydrangea is a difficult flower to work with, when in reality it’s one of the easiest and most satisfying.

I like using the Hydrangea for many reasons, but in this case it’s because it can act like a grid to hold the other stems in place throughout the piece.

I chose the green Hydrangea as a contrasting flower, as well as a pincushion Protea for a pop of colour.

Material List:

  • Serenity Vase
  • White Hydrangea
  • Green Hydrangea
  • Vandela Rose
  • Pincushion Protea

Total Cost: $50-$60

Making todays 5 Minute Floral is really quite simple. Before you start, it’s important to always remove any unnecessary leaves from all the stems to avoid any foliages in the water as time goes on.


  1. Cut and insert 2-3 large White Hydrangea stems so that they sit just above the lip of the vessel.
  2. Trim and insert the Green Hydrangea stems evenly throughout the White Hydrangeas for contrast.
  3. Trim and insert 3 Cream Vendela Roses evenly throughout the arrangement, sitting the slightly above the Hydrangeas.
  4. Strategically place a couple of Proteas into the arrangement where you feel they fit best.

Aside from treating the flowers before hand (which your florist will likely have done for you), this entire arrangment only took me 5 minutes to prepare.

I think it would look fabulous on a kitchen island or a table in the hallway, what do you think? Let me know what you love or don’t love about this episode of 5 Minute Florals!

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