5 Minute Florals: Simple Vase Arrangement

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In this episode of 5 Minute Florals, I wanted to create a small, simple vase arrangement that would brighten up any room, and could be made using an old spaghetti sauce jar or mason jar that you have used the night before!

To get started you’ll need to head to your local flower shop and pick up:

  • Baby’s Breath
  • Fall Mums
  • Alstomeria
  • Hypericum Berries
  • Tragelium

Other Supplies & Tools

  • Burlap & Lace
  • Sharp knife
  • Mason Jar or Cylinder Vase

Step One: Begin by cutting a 18-inch piece of burlap from the roll, as well as a 24-inch piece of lace, and secure the burlap to the jar using the lace

Step Two: Add some water to the jar, which you’ve already added some flower food to, right?

Step Three: Begin with the Baby’s Breath. Place 2 or 3 good size pieces just above the opening of the jar.

Step Four: Add the Tragelium and Hypericum Berries throughout the Baby’s Breath, just a little bit taller than it too.

Step Five: Now add the Alstroemeria to begin inserting some colour to the design. Add as much or as little as you like. Vary the height as you wish, some tall some small.

Step Six: Now for the star of the show, the Fall Mums. These are the tallest of the bunch, but not much taller than the Alstroemeria. The Fall Mums will give it a nice “Autum-y” look and feel

Voilà! The arrangement is finished!

Do you like my “5 Minute Florals”? Check out more episodes on my YouTube channel!

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