Caring for Lilacs in a Vase

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One of my favourite things about flowers are the vivid memories that they spur with their different scents.

Of all the flowers I’ve smelt in my life, none present a stronger, more clear memory than lilacs. When I was young we had a lilac tree in our backyard, and my mother would take me out there in spring to collect the freshly bloomed violet buds to keep around the house, and inject a fresh scent of spring, to help us forget about the cold winter that just passed.

As I became an adult, I’d always try to recreate my mothers beautiful vase arrangements , but with little success. Then recently, a friend on Facebook inquired as to why her lilacs always seemed to get “droopy” when she put them in a vase, which in turn inspired me to share this video from

Key Takeaways: Caring For Lilacs in a Vase

Lilacs are thirsty flowers

  • Woody stems should be broken, not cut (a little widdle is okay)
  • Mix water, flower food and a touch of bleach
  • Make sure vase is full, they’ll drink it up!
  • Ensure bloom is just above the lip of the vase to avoid “drooping”

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