Caring for Lilacs in a Vase

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One of my favourite things about flowers are the vivid memories that they spur with their different scents. Of all the flowers I’ve smelt in my life, none present a stronger, more clear memory than lilacs. When I was young we had a lilac tree in our backyard, and my mother would take me out there in spring to collect … Read More

What To Do After Getting Engaged

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Congratulations! This is a momentous occasion whether you’ve been planning your wedding since you were a little girl, or you never really thought you would get married. Either way, you and your partner are in love, and want to share your lives together. Perfect! So, what do you do after getting engaged? Take a minute Before you let your excitement … Read More

The Waterless Plant: Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs

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How To Display a Waxed Amaryllis Bulb When you think of flowers and gardening, most people think of 2 things; dirt and water. However, a new invention to burst on the floral design scene this year is a modified take on a classic bloom: The Amaryllis. Anyone that has cared for an amaryllis knows the frustrations associated with it, including … Read More

5 Minute Florals: Hydrangea Arrangement

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This weeks 5 Minute Florals went a little long (6:24) but includes a ton of great information about the materials we use. Did you know: Hydrangeas, Roses and Protea all thrive in warm climates like South America I decided to class things up a bit and focus todays arrangment around the Hydrangea because a lot of flower lovers believe that … Read More

5 Minute Florals: Carnation Arrangement

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I’d like to share a story about carnations from my friend, Jamie. As a child, carnations were one of the very first flowers I was introduced to. My father would bring my mother flowers every week, and as I got older I wondered where the money came from, as we weren’t well off and I knew from trips to the … Read More

5 Minute Florals: Autumn Vase Arrangement

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This weeks instalment of 5 Minute Florals is inspired by the changing seasons, in particular the beautiful leave falling from the trees. The entire arrangement costs less than $50, and took me just about 5 minutes to prepare. Feel free to switch up the colours of the blooms to match whatever season or event you’re making it for, and be … Read More

Fall Floral Workshops

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As I do every year, I’m hosting our annual Thanksgiving-inspired Fall workshops at the shop October 2 & 9, 2014. This year we’ll be creating a centrepiece on October 2, and a wreath on October 9.Thanksgiving Wreath Attendees will learn how to choose healthy flowers, how to prep their materials, and finally how to plan and prepare their arrangement and … Read More