The Waterless Plant: Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs

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How To Display a Waxed Amaryllis Bulb

When you think of flowers and gardening, most people think of 2 things; dirt and water. However, a new invention to burst on the floral design scene this year is a modified take on a classic bloom: The Amaryllis.

Anyone that has cared for an amaryllis knows the frustrations associated with it, including a droopy stem and an overall crooked look. As the amaryllis grows it’s likely to droop or grow towards the sun, and therefore requires an aide to keep it straight and growing upright, often resulting in a feeling of defeat (among passionate growers).

The amaryllis remains popular amidst its quirkiness, due to its stunning appearance when fully bloomed. Even an untrained eye will often do a double take of a fully bloomed amaryllis plant, regardless of the colour because it’s big, bold, yet simple look.

I Need To See It To Believe It

I recently received a call from my supplier who informed me of a new addition to his inventory. He called it a “waterless amaryllis”, and I just had to see it for myself! I anticipated the bulb would be encapsulated somehow, but I wasn’t entirely sure how.

It turns out the “waterless amaryllis” is simply encased in wax, with a neat, cylindrical wire stand in the bottom, allowing it to stand on its own despite its round shape.

An Amaryllis For Everyone

These waxed amaryllis bulbs are quite useful, and will likely introduce the plant to an entirely new group of consumers, including the 9-5 office worker who can now keep something more exciting than a cactus at his or her desk to remind them they’re alive (no offence)!

Endless Possibilities

From a designers perspective, these new amaryllis bulbs offer a ton of possibilities, ranging from simple stand alone displays to elaborate groupings and vases filled with an endless variety of items.

No Downside To Waxed Amaryllis

The waxed amaryllis bulbs remain mostly consistent with their natural cousins, aside from not growing as tall due to restricted roots. For the most part however, these new bulbs will grow much more straight and sturdy due to their tightly confined roots, and they’ll bloom just as big as a natural amaryllis.

I’m excited to be one of the first shops in Canada to sell these little beauties, and at $19.99 and up they aren’t a big purchase considering the possibilities and limited upkeep.

How Are You Using Waxed Amaryllis’

I’d love to see how you’ve presented your new waxed amaryllis so please share your comments and photos below, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

3 Comments on “The Waterless Plant: Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs”

  1. I purchased two of these wonderful amaryllis bulbs at Christmas time. They have finished blooming, and I am unsure of how to take care of them until I can hopefully plant them outdoors when Spring arrives. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks ~~ Sandra

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